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Our Team

Amanda Hayashi

Real Estate Broker, PHD,
Group Leader

My greatest strength is in helping my clients achieve over and beyond their initial goals. I provide them with the most up to date market trends and share with them the less publicly known facts to offer more than what they came for. Benefitting from my background in science, my approach involves a series of formulating solutions and planning strategies to help my clients acquire their dream home and gain financially. I listen to my clients very carefully to understand their needs and wants completely in order to offer the most suitable and practical solutions.

Jean C. Dumet

Real Estate Salesperson,
Group Leader

Serving your residential real estate buy/sell in the Greater Toronto Area. Previously, Jean owned and operated a successful Real Estate Brokerage in Brazil and brings to the table valuable knowledge and experience to help your dreams come true. Whether that is to buy, sell, or invest in real estate in Ontario, his outstanding negotiation skills and exceptional customer service go hand in hand to guarantee your satisfaction.


Real Estate Salesperson
Team Leader

Ready to provide you with a best-in-class client experience. Lucas is a brilliant salesperson who always helps his clients get amazing deals and good value. Lucas not only helps you find your target property, but also negotiates the best terms and conditions for you.

Nelson Hauptman

Real Estate Salesperson
Group Manager

An absolute real estate professional. He patiently listens to his clients and helps them uncover their needs and wants before addressing them with top notch solutions. Nelson is ready to deliver the best customer service whether you plan to buy, sell, or lease a property. Nelson’s long professional experience enables him to negotiate the best deal for his clients, you.

Max Mirzaee

Real Estate Salesperson
Team Leader

MBA, Real Estate Salesperson. @max.mirzaee
With an extensive background in sales and customer care, Max makes sure all your needs are met completely or surpassed! His exceptional negotiation skills guarantee your win and optimize your gain. Whether you plan to buy, sell, or invest in real estate, you can rest assured Max will go over and beyond to help you realize your dream!

Percy Spencer

Real Estate Salesperson

Percy’s background as a professional Builder with over 15 years of on-site experience takes Real Estate to an entirely different level. Building his career from the ground up, Percy has always stuck with three simple rules; “stay humble,” “know the facts,” and “check your ego.” Percy’s extensive knowledge and practice provide a refreshing experience helping his Clients see matters through a different lens, providing perspective and clarity.

Percy’s patience and perseverance with Clients, both as a Real Estate Agent and Builder, has proven to be a valuable asset for Buyers and Sellers across Southern Ontario. Percy is definitely an agent you want on your side.

“The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago; the second best time is now.”

Ashkan Yazdani Arazi

Real Estate Salesperson

“A professional driven by customer satisfaction.
Ash always goes above and beyond to help clients to achieve their Real Estate goals. His strong background in Interior Design combined with an extensive experience in Customer Service provided him with a set of skills to negotiate the best terms to my clients and work through their best interest.”

Leonardo Terry

Real Estate Salesperson

Leonardo comes from a background working as a Lawyer in Brazil, where he developed strong negotiation skills and the ability to protect his client’s best interests in every agreement.
Having natural communication skills, he is detail-oriented, focusing precisely on his client’s wants and needs, which allows him to provide outstanding customer service throughout the entire process, either leasing, selling or buying real estate in Ontario.


Amanda Hayashi and Jean C. Dumet joined their strengths and formed a successful group of amazing professionals to help you acquire your dream home! Our team thrives to achieve a single goal, helping clients satisfy their real estate needs to the fullest. We always go over and beyond to guarantee optimized deals. With us you are very well taken care of!


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